BIg Ten FB schedules for 2024 and 205 are out

Nebraska will play at UCLA in 2024 and at USC in 2025.

I wouldn’t be surprised if one of Nebraska’s “two-play” slots alternates between Minnesota and Wisconsin, while the other rotates between USC, UCLA and an occasional Ohio State or Penn State thrown in, assuming Rhule can bring the Huskers back into relevance. Michigan will be less common simply because they already have two protected opponents, so they only have one two-play slot available, where the other four of the latter schools have either two or three two-play slots available. If they do go with a Minnesota-Wisconsin rotation for a Nebraska two-play slot, that will fill the dance card of whichever one has Nebraska during the two-year cycle (Minnesota this time) since both schools have each other and Iowa as protected opponents.

If the goal, as stated on the Big Ten site and quoted below, is for every team to see every other team twice in a four-year time frame, then the only thing two-play controls is whether the games are in back-to-back years or not.

Each member institution will continue to play nine intraconference games per season, and teams will play every other conference opponent at least twice – once home and once away – in a four-year period.

Mike Nolan

ESPN on the 2024/25 schedule and no division structure: