Another recruit with little or no ranking

The recruiting ranking folks are either gonna look like superstars or chumps depending on how Rhule’s first recruiting class pans out over the next few years. Wanna vote on which? You’ll need to log in to the website to vote, as Discourse doesn’t support voting in a poll by email.

  • The recruiting services are gonna look like chumps.
  • The recruiting services are gonna look like superstars.
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Mike Nolan

I’m pretty surprised he hasn’t had much action. If you’ve not read, he ran a 4.43 inthe satellite camp in STL, he plays all positions in the secondary, he plays in the top division in CO and the film is really good. But he only had offers from Wyo and NU both seeing him in the STL camp.

There was a time when being recruited by school X meant that the recruiting services all upgraded their evaluation of a recruit.

Nebraska was never on the X list.

This is like our 5th or 6th DB in our class so far. Wonder how many more we need …?

So OWH has a list that says 3 DBs so far. But there are 2 listed as athletes and one more [Prude] is listed at LB. There are a number of WR in this class as well.

Since we run a 3 3 5 D we probably want one more than typical

We need 10 over two years. We have taken 6?CB and 5 Safety

We need 1 or 2 more OL

Watch for Caleb Benning, Caleb Pyfrom, and Quinn Clark. plus Nelson the TE superstar.

Well, the defense wasn’t very good last year, 77th in scoring defense, 68th in passing yards allowed and 109th in rushing yards allowed, so I can understand why they’re stocking up on defensive players, on and off the DL. Those stats mean Nebraska was among the worst defensive teams in Power 5.

The Big Ten has a history of being a defensive-minded conference, doesn’t it?

I’m not an expert on the 3-3-5 but it sounds like it needs more people in the defensive backfield. It’s considered a high risk - high reward defensive scheme, so it’s boom or bust, I guess.

Some coaches recruit largely based on athletic ability not necessarily experience at a particular position. So where they played in HS might not have much direct correlation to where they wind up on the depth chart. It sounds like Rhule wants players who are fast.

Mike Nolan

Well, NU added a top 100 prospect in Carter, the top player in Nebraska. There’s been maybe 6 higher rated recruits in the past 12 years of recruits at NU. This is a big get. He took OV to Penn State, Georgia and Notre Dame. Offers from pretty much everyone. Nick Saban commented that this was the first film of 8 man football that he’s evaluated.

8 man football is an interesting game, that’s what my high school played. (I was a student equipment manager/trainer.) My freshman year we went undefeated in our conference (all the other teams were from Wisconsin) and were dubbed the 8 man champions of both states by the Tribune. (No FB playoffs back then.)

Story on Carter Nelson