Another Decomit

Texas 4-star RB recruit Kewan Lacy has decommitted from Nebraska. This leaves Nebraska without any RBs in the 2024 class.

This wasn’t unexpected either. He’s really risen to in the rankings and is getting a lot of SEC attention.

We do need a RB. If we only have two decommits that’s not bad.

The previous decommit was a KSU ball boy growing up and jumped at the offer. Not unlike our QB commit after it was apparent he was going to get an offer.

Over all the staff is doing a nice job recruiting. It will be interesting to see how much portal activity we have, both incoming and outgoing. I do expect to see some portal WRs and maybe OL.


Which QB commit?

Our commit Kaelin (however that’s spelled) was committed to Mizzou until Raoli went to Georgia and a an offer was extended and accepted. Not too imply we’ve lost QB.

I don’t think UNL is in any different position than anyone else but it is getting to the point, if it hasn’t already, where teams have no idea who will be on the team next year. I have over the years kind of sat on both sides of this. Athletes are just students going to school. As a result I have felt for a long time they should be able to go to school wherever they want whenever they want. They shouldn’t be just part of an athletic machine On the other hand it really makes it tough to build a program.

John Papenhagen