Alberts to Leave for A&M

I think he will probably go depending on if he wants to relocate or not. It would involve more than just changing jobs. However, according to this article he would be close to doubling his salary. Also, according to this article, he is expected to go. Bill Byrne did the same thing.

John Papenhagen.

I saw reports to this effect as well. Was really curious why he’d bolt for ATM but doubling your salary is a solid reason

We can’t afford him?

No president and no AD. Why is UNL such a shitshow?

Blame the legislature, they’re cutting back funding to the university. Kearney’s cutting entire programs, UNL is scaling back hiring pretty much across the board, even in programs that are increasing in size.

I’m somewhat surprised that Alberts is leaving, maybe there were some lingering issues with him not having been offered the job several years earlier?

Or maybe he just felt he had done what he came to do and it was time to move on to another set of challenges.

Among fundraisers (and both the President and the AD spend a lot of their time on fundraising issues), 5 years is considered a relatively long tenure these days. I know someone who was in hospital fundraising, he said that after 3 or 4 years you’ve often run out of new ways to sell the same set of ideas to the major donor community, which is a small segment of the population. Someone else can come in with a new way of telling their story, even if it’s pretty just the same bag of stuff.

I can’t afford him.
Roger Lohr

I would ask the question differently. What is going on at UNL that these people are leaving? Is it something or someone on the Board of Regents? Are we being too progressive or conservative? Is there resistance to change or financial issues on the horizon or even NCAA compliance woes.

I don’t think it is about our sports programs. They have been getting more successful in many areas under Alberts.

Go Big Red!


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Update from A&M (it’s Twitter/X, where everything you read may not be true, so interpret accordingly):

Statement from Texas A&M Associate AD Alan Cannon about Trev Alberts:

“Texas A&M President Mark Welsh appointed a seven-person committee to search for our new Director of Athletics. I have not received any notification from the President or anyone on the committee at this time.”

There hasn’t been any confirmation yet from either school. Only the reports from Texas newspapers.

The latest from the OWH.

There is a substantial $4.2M buyout for Alberts, since he just signed an 8 year contract this past year. So… I’m wondering if this is a “Not so fast, my friend” news item.

According to Channel 8 in Lincoln Alberts is going to A&M.

John Papenhagen

There is no good way to spin this. I don’t care what anyone says. Something is fundamentally rotten at UNL. Within 18 months, we lost the chancellor, the president and the AD. I am sure we will never get the real story either because our local media is useless (half of them flip-flopped 3 times on whether Trev was staying or leaving).

Or could it be everything is going so well that the world is seeing it and stealing talent! Correct me if I’m wrong - but didn’t they all leave for massive increases in money and prestige?

What is going well? The momentum of the stadium renovation just ground to a halt. The university hasn’t had a president since December and Trev Alberts said this on his way out, after signing a massive contract extension in November and affirming that he was in it for the long haul.

Tough decisions will need to be made, unity of vision and high execution will be necessary

“Leadership matters now more than ever before. My interest in Texas A&M is not only due to its prestigious reputation but also because of President Welsh’s compelling vision."

Screenshot from Facebook. Twitter beneath that.

I thought Martin Massengale had academic chops similar to Ronnie Green’s, both had strong research creds in their respective agriculture fields (grasses and animal science.)

I am not accusing anyone of anything since I really don’t know and certainly have no proof of anything. But, just wondering if Alberts leaving had anything to do with the pending lawsuit? The lawsuit did come out what, a couple of weeks ago and today he is gone.

John Papenhagen

I’m guessing A&M’s stable leadership and rumored huge salary offer had more to do with it. But a pending lawsuit isn’t something that gives you an offsetting reason to stay!

Leaving doesn’t affect his being in the lawsuit, might even make mounting an adequate defense from Texas harder.

That is all true but he like wouldn’t lose his job. If the allegations prove to be true I am not sure him being in Texas would affect his sentence if there is one to be rendered. However, I wouldn’t believe it would cost him his job at A&M. If A&M did their due diligence and Trev wanted to be forthcoming that should have already discussed between Trev and A&M.

I am not saying Trev is guilty or not guilty. But I also am not a big believer in coincidences.

John Papenhagen

I thought this was a civil action, is there the potential for criminal action as well?