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I have had this question for a long time now and want to post a link and a paragraph from a newspaper. I hesitate to do this since I am sure that the football players read these posts. I don’t want to hurt feelings or create doubt in any player’s psyche. I found an article about Coach Rhule that I find very interesting and disturbingly fitting for the the current Husker situation and would like to post the link to the article and the paragraph I find interesting.

So what are the boundaries for posting,

The Husker List has generally been one of the milder sites. I don’t know how many players follow it these days, there used to be a grad student in the football program who followed all the social media/fan sites, including the Husker List, but that was several head coaches ago.

I don’t mind harsh comments as long as they’re fact-based and not just mean. For example, Sims has a turnover problem, we know it, Rhule knows it and I’m sure Sims knows it, and he should expect to see a lot of sharp comments about it online, if he goes online. (I hope he doesn’t spend a lot of time online, he’d be better off in the film room.)

I agree he should be in the film room. However, that won’t solve his turnover problem. He does not have the focus and QB emotional intelligence. He doesn’t seem to see the field and makes bad decisions over and over again.


Thank you Mile.
I found this on USA.

“Rhule, 47, whose teams were marked by ineffective play at quarterback and a lack of explosive offense, leaves Carolina with an 11-27 record. He becomes the first coach in Panthers franchise history to serve fewer than three seasons.”

However, I found this link written on the same day on the same page

I guess there are good college football coaches that can’t hack it in the pros. (And pro coaches that can destroy college programs.)

There’s such a world of difference in being a college coach and being an NFL coach that it should be amazing when someone can succeed at both. Nick Saban had a mediocre NFL record, 15-17, but what he’s done at the college level is phenomenal.

From what I know about the Carolina Panthers, I never held Rhule’s lack of success there against him.

Some coaches are better at the College level than at the Pro level. I’m hoping that is still true of Rhule! It was true at Temple and Baylor.


Sorry Mile…I mean Mike. Damn autocomplete.

agree. the nfl is full of great college coaches that failed… saban, holtz, spurrier. i guess it’s just totally different.

What were Rhule’s previous college QB’s like in terms of effectiveness? That would be a lot more relevant than what happened in the NFL.


His first team at Baylor, the 2017 one that went 1-11, had 2 QBs who saw action in over half the games.

Charlie Brewer was 139-204 passing for 1562 yards and 11 TDs with 4 INTs.
Zach Smith was 105-201 passing for 1471 yards and 8 TDs with 8 INTs.
A 3rd QB had 2 INTs.

The top rusher had 445 yards on 98 carries.

It looks like there were 11 fumbles lost.

Brewer played in 13 games the next season, was 240-390 passing for 3019 yards, 19 TDs with 9 INTs.
Fumbles were down in 2018 as well.