ACC adds Stanford, Cal and SMU

Stanford, Cal and SMU will join the ACC next season.

Washington State and Oregon State are still waiting to hear from someone–anyone!

I say we leave the Big Ten and join the big 12 and add Oregon State and Washington state. That way we can attend Kansas State and Kansas games. Also go to Ames IA, etc

There are million$ of reasons why that won’t happen.

Dick Karre

Then we will always be at the bottom of the pack in the Big Ten.
Steven K
Class of 1983

No guarantee they wouldn’t be toward the bottom of the new Big Twelve, either.

The relegation model is interesting but I’m not sure the also-rans in the power 4/5 conferences (a group that of late would include Nebraska) would put up with the huge decrease in payout that would almost certainly come with relegation. If they could solve that, I think it would make for far more interesting schedules on most Saturdays.