A better day today

Didn’t watch the game but was able to read the play by play.

Wish we could.get some RB traction. Really would like to have seen a RB with 150 yards. Move a few of the QB carries to the RB. Though on options and zone reads you take what you get.

Hope non of the injuries are serious Ervin, Johnson and Lenhart were injured.

Really like the D. Hope it can stand up to a power running game from the B1G.

QB play was solid. Be interesting to see if/when Sims returns to start.


It was the kind of game they should win handily, and they did win it handily.

The defense had a pretty good day, one TD in garbage time with a lot of 2nd and 3rd string players on the field.

The offense started to get in a decent groove in the 2nd half, and the five touchdowns were scored by five different players. It was nice to see that.

Special teams didn’t do anything bad, and that’s a plus these days. :sigh:

Still a few dumb penalties, but nothing like the CSU-Colorado game last night, that one had more flags than the United Nations Plaza.

I thought this would be a winnable game for the Huskers and a win is a win, Biut, wow Northern Illinois isn’t very good if this game is any indicator. I was surprised as over the years NIU has had some really good teams.

Nine regular season games left, and it could get interesting. Louisiana Tech and Northwestern should be wins, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Iowa probably are losses. That leaves Illinois, Purdue, and Maryland are toss ups.

Of course, I am looking at it as things stand today. Down the road things could change a lot for any team.

John Papenhagen

MSU looked pretty bad yesterday, though Washington is a legit top 25 team.

Illinois had 5 turnovers against Penn State, other than that the game was pretty even, so I don’t know how good they are. Maybe their problems are fixable.

I don’t agree with you that NIU isn’t very good. The reality is we just don’t know yet how good they are. Two weeks ago NIU beat Boston College (BC) at BC, 27-24 in OT. Yesterday, BC lost to #3 FSU 31-29 at home, but BC dominated FSU in most every statistical category.

NIU may not be good, but they are certainly not a bad team, by any measure.

As far as future games, only Michigan looks like a probable loss. Illinois and NWU, look like probable wins. Wisconsin, Purdue, MSU, Maryland, and Iowa look like toss ups, with Maryland and Iowa potentially the better teams.

The entire B1G looks to be down this year, including the big 3 (OSU, Mechicken, and PSU)., with any game winnable. The West is especially soft. The West representative to the Championship game in Dec will likely have 2 losses in conference, and possibly 3 losses overall.

That may be symptomatic of all of college football this year, there doesn’t appear to be a dominant team in any conference based on the gamed played so far.


@Jerry B
SMH. Maryland looks better than Nebraska. You said the quiet part out loud.


They’ve beaten Virginia, Charlotte and Townsend. Not actually playoff caliber teams.


Agreed, the Terps look to be a pretty good team at this point. I hope that by Nov 11th, the Skers will be pretty good as well. However, “Hope is not a plan.” Hopefully (pun intended), Rhule not only has a plan, but a good one.


Supposed to be Towson. D@@n autocorrect.

Now not so good.

Both Ervin and Johnson out for the season