2024 Red White Spring Game

The 2024 Red-White Spring Game is this Saturday, April 27th, at 11 AM CT, with TV coverage on the Big Ten Network.

The latest weather forecast I see for Lincoln for Saturday shows a high of 75 and a 59% chance of rain in the afternoon.

Are people interested in me firing up a real-time chat channel for the Spring Game, like we did last year and for the games last fall? (You do have to be logged in to the Discourse interface at huskerlist.tssi.com to access the real-time chat channel, not email.)

Mike Nolan

It’s beginning to look like a stormy weekend, thunderstorms are expected today and tomorrow, though the latest hourly forecast on Accuweather for Saturday suggests that it may not start raining until 4 or 5 PM. The temperature at kickoff (11 AM) will likely be in the mid 60’s, rising to the mid 70’s during the game.

But that forecast could and almost certainly will change several times between now and Saturday morning.

Latest forecast for the Red-White Spring Game: 67 and partly cloudy at kickoff, high of about 73 with increasing chance of precipitation after 3PM. Light winds so far.

I haven’t seen much response to the note about opening a chat room, but I will open one at around 10:30 today anyway. Hope to see people there.

For those not in the Lincoln area, the tornado sirens went off around 2:30 yesterday afternoon and there were touchdowns north of LIncoln and in Waverly, the LJS has several photos of funnel clouds, including some taken from buildings in downtown Lincoln, as well as damage photos.