14 team playoffs?

The College Football Playoffs Board is looking at a 14 team format.

My opinion is they have gone from not enough teams to too many. I think eight would have been about right. But, it really doesn’t matter. They could put 100 teams in the playoffs and there still would have been some people that would be upset because their team wasn’t in.

John Papenhagen

I think 8 would have been better than 4, and I"m not convinced having 2 byes is better than having 4 byes, so I’m not sure how 14 is gonna work better than 12, except for the money part. :slight_smile:

My guess is that if they move from 12 to 14, they’ll move to 16 within another few years. And then maybe 24? The minor bowls live off their sponsors anyway (increasingly the host city’s visitor’s bureau), it’s the mid-major bowls that are gonna suffer.

I still feel at some point they’ll allow teams to have some post-season practices in December even if they don’t make the playoffs or go to a bowl game.

I’m concerned that the G5 teams are gonna become (or continue to be) cannon fodder for the top playoff teams, kind of like the 1-16 games in the NCAA Basketball Tournament usually are. And I’m not the only person who’s voiced this concern.