Wisconsin afterthoughts

After a fast start, Nebraska seemed to forget that they needed to keep scoring and/or keep Wisconsin out of the end zone.

Ultimately, they couldn’t do either one very well, though they did manage to get to OT before losing 24-17.

Beating Iowa on Friday is now their ticket to a bowl game. Doesn’t seem likely to me, even if Iowa does have an offense even more inept than the one in Big Red Country.

If the folks on the social media service formerly known as Twitter have anything to say about it, Marcus Satterfield would be sent packing. However, he’s already gotten what sounded very much like a vote of confidence from coach Rhule. But as Scarlett O’Hara said, “Tomorrow is another day”, and next year is another season. Fiddle Dee Dee.

I truly believe the flow of the game changed when the huskers went for it on 4th and one instead of attempting a field goal

The OT was nothing Satterfield would put on his resume; he couldn’t figure out what to call. Was it 3rd down, had to call timeout before play clock was going to expire. Then on the attempted 3rd and 4th down and 16 plays, snap occured with 1 second left on play clock because once again play came in so late. What they want to do is get to the line, look over defense, and look to sideline for an audible. That couldn’t even remotely happen on those plays because of play calling indecision.

New day, sun is up. Well, behind the clouds. I’m still not happy. The day started off so well with a decisive win by the MBB team. VB swept Michigan, and then the FB team laid another egg. Lost another winnable game.

Hoping that the ladies can TCB against the Anteaters and advance to the QF. I hope the telecast won’t be videoed on someone’s cell phone as the last two seem to have been. GBR!

Greg Zimmerman, UNL '75
Overland Park,Kansas

For what it’s worth, ActionNetwork has Iowa-Nebraska as a ‘pick-em’ game. 67 teams are currently bowl eligible, 24 still have a chance to be, though half of those are underdogs and several double-digit dogs. There are 82 bowl slots including the playoffs.


Satterfield is a buddy of Ruhle so it’s not likely he’ll be fired. The fans at South Carolina where he last was OC were happy to see him go. It was said that he stumbled through his two years there. He has a 6-16 record as a head coach. What makes anyone think he"ll do better here!?

We made that same mistake with Mike and Scott made that mistake with several of his coaches. Losers lose.

Satterfield’s playcalling was criticized in 2021, but SC started 4 different QBs during the season due to injuries. (Sounds familiar.)

In 2022 they were 8-4, with wins over ranked Tennessee (scoring 63 points) and Clemson.