Vball win over Stanford

The 4th ranked Huskers beat #5 Stanford on the road today 3-1.

And looked good doing it. The rankings don’t tell the whole story—most expected Stanford to come out on top. A very satisfying win, indeed.

I so wanted to be at Maples Pavillion today. Only about 2 hours away but too many conflicts to make the match fit in my schedule!

It was impressive how many Husker fans were able to make it into the venue. Even in the tight first set, when Stanford threatened to stretch out a couple of early three-point leads, Nebraska was not at a significant crowd disadvantage. And the second set was decisive enough that even when Stanford pulled away late in the third set to keep their hopes alive, it didn’t really ignite the home crowd. They were seeing that they were up against a team that had the clear advantage in the match.

Like others, I was expecting the young Huskers to be severely tested on the road against a quality, experienced team that returned almost all of their roster from squad that was a #1 seed last year. But after resolving some receiving issues early on, Nebraska was generally in control, playing mostly in system and making good use of their array of offensive weapons as well as winning multiple scramble points of the type that makes the other team wonder what it takes to get the ball down. As Cook said in the interview, “We don’t tell them that they’re young!”

Great summary, Steve. I hadn’t appreciated it until you said this, but the Huskers really were in control throughout—with the exception of set three. And even that one was hard fought. I was really interested in seeing how the team responded to dropping a set, and was really excited to see the unwavering, steady response.

Good to hear about Husker fans representing—so proud. I listened to set one in the car, and on the stream you could definitely hear the Nebraska fans over JB and Lauren. I really wanted to be there, but had a speaking commitment today so it wasn’t possible.

Four years of these fabulous freshies? Yes ma’am! Win or lose, this team is a joy to watch.

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Four years of these fabulous freshies? Yes ma’am! Win or lose, this team is a joy to watch.

Or listen to! Granted it is early in the season still, but the expectations do not seem to be weighing them down or causing maybe a little tightness in their performance which ended up in losing too many deuce sets over the last few years. A large part of that I think is due to Bergen and her ability to distribute the ball with really good sets so evenly to the various hitters.


Excellent! This year’s team is quite a resilient squad. It seems they won’t be denied.
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I enjoyed reading your very informative response. II believe the Volleyball team, if this group stays together (aka minimal portal losses) we could be chasing championships for the next four years. John Cook has put together and continues to maintain and mentor great players, great seasons, and great coaches.

I wanted to comment on the Stanford culture and the amount of Nebraska fans in attendence. I lived in Stanford territory for 25 years. Stanford is the PAC 12 team I root for. Over the years, I’ve been to some games in several sports mostly when Stanford was playing the Huskers.

Stanford is wealthy, in every way. They have a strong donor base with again, wealthy donors who live in multi million dollar houses work at Stanford, local Hospitals, in Tech , BioTech, etc, etc high paying but very demanding jobs.,

So, unless Stanford is playing Cal Beserkley (aka Berkeley) they seldom fill any venue.

Second, Californians for Huskers is a large and active (especially in So. Cal) group. There are a lot of Husker fans in California and look forward to opportunities to see our Huskers when they are anywhere close to us!

Go Big Red!


Remember when we had discussions like this about the football team?

Greg Zimmerman, UNL '75
Overland Park, Kansas

Like wins? Yeah.

Yeah, wins, wins over Top 10 opponents, great players, etc.

You almost need to be a geezer to have experienced it first-hand.

Greg Zimmerman, UNL '75
Overland Park, Kansas

October 21st will be a big day for the VB team, that’s when Wisconsin comes to Lincoln.

I wrote on CornNation that this team, and this game in particular,
reminded me of glory days of Husker Football. Challenging opponents, but
the game was never really in doubt. They simply were better in every
aspect of the game.