TE coach resigns after DUI

Bob Wager has resigned as the tight end coach for the Huskers following a DUI citation.

Ever hear of f’ing Uber?


I can’t believe how stupid this kind of thing is. My 17 year old son was killed by a drunk driver. Don’t drink and drive. Period. I feel sorry for the guy cause unlike the guy that killed my son- his career is really stunted and it will be tough for him to move on… I hope.

Wager spent many years as a HS coach, he’ll probably be able to find a job somewhere.

An attorney friend of ours used to defend DWI’s, she says nearly all of them admitted to her (and sometimes in open court) that this was not the first time they had done so, even if it was the first time they had gotten caught at it.

My older brother had his license revoked after multiple DWI’s, lost his job as a sales rep, had his wife file for divorce and found out he had lung cancer, all in the same week.