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LJS says UNL is talking to KSU QB Will Howard, who has one year of eligibility left.

It appears Nebraska’s OC has talked to 3 potential QB transfers, Sam Leavitt (MSU), Blake Shapen (Baylor) and possibly Kyle McCord (Ohio State).

This appears to be consistent with Rhule’s goal of either taking a QB transfer with immediate impact or one that can be developed over several years. Whether they have the NIL megabucks lined up to land one of these prospects is a separate question.

Two thoughts on NIL. They are shopping because they know they can, or it is a ruse to draw the scent away from a real target.

Only saw Will Howard play in one game this season - the “snow game” vs Iowa State. Can’t say I was impressed with him, in that game anyway.

Baylor QB Shapen is going to Mississippi State, he was one QB Nebraska contacted.

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ESPN has an article on the top QBs in the transfer portal and where the author thinks they’d fit well. The article suggests Ohio State QB Kyle McCord should transfer to Nebraska:

They need a facilitator and winner more than someone with elite physical traits. We think that McCord has good skills, including excellent accuracy and decent mobility, and Matt Rhule won’t ask him to do much outside the system.

They also call him a winner, something Nebraska needs at QB.

Daniel Kaelin has cancelled his scheduled trip to MSU, hopefully that means he’ll sign with the Huskers on Wednesday.

Best news of the QB speculation during the past couple weeks. Thank you Coach Rhule!
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Interesting enough Kyle McCord is reportedly going to Syracuse.

I’ll be interested in hearing the details of what transpired there