Minny paying QB $30K to stick around and play on bowl


UM had no QB for their bowl. Two in the portal. A third graduated and getting married. Gathered up NIL cash to convince the latter to play.

Wierd … because it is still strictly illegal for PJ Fleck or any employee of the University to lay a player to do anything.

Yeah this article says Fleck found NIL money which is still illegal. The U cannot direct money to players or assist in setting up NIL deals.

Yeah so he finds an advertiser who will pay a 30k bump to the starting QB in the bowl

Yeah he still can’t do that. He cannot facilitate or arrange anything like that. The fact the article is putting his name on this is problematic.

We don’t know for sure exactly what Minnesota did, we only know what the media said they did, and of course the media never gets that wrong.

I suspect the compliance folks at Minnesota were involved in this.

Mike Nolan

It is really sad college football has sunk to these depths. I don’t think the future looks good for the sport.

John Papenhagen

I don’t think the future looks worse or better…but it definitely looks different. Some inevitable changes I seem coming over the next couple of years:

  1. NCAA is essentially a non-entity. They overplayed their cards far too often and too heavy-handedly and are facing a tsunami of anti-trust based lawsuits. All institutions have an end…the NCAA’s is near.
  2. Players will become university employees. This comes with benefits like guaranteed insurance and guaranteed income, but responsibilities as well such as ethics standards and income will be essentially capped, which means that…
  3. NIL as we know it is unsustainable. Mike N made a good point that as one wild wild west is subdued, another opens up. I mostly agree, but this particular one is facing the scrutiny of the IRS and the Fed/OCC as many of the NIL deals look a lot like money laundering.
  4. I don’t know if the exact number will a power of 2 like 64, but a super-group of now FBS schools that can afford this will align and the have-nots will be left behind. I feel like the B1G and SEC are going to be the foci of this.


I saw a headline yesterday that some coach was calling for there to be just one superconference, but I didn’t take time to read it and I can’t find the link today.

Having around 133 teams in D1 FBS appears unsustainable, there just isn’t enough media money for all 133 to be making $60-80M per year like the Big Ten or SEC.

So will FBS fragment into a superconference(s) subgroup with everybody else in the ‘leftover’ pool? And will teams like Northwestern and Vanderbilt be relegated down? (Nebraska could be on the cusp of that as well based on their last decade or two, but I think their name has residual value and Rhule seems like he might be the coach we’ve been searching for.)

It was Chip Kelly, if that helps.

Yes, it helped me find this liink:

I think his proposal is missing a lot of elements, and there aren’t exactly 128 FBS teams.

Moreover, there’s no real advantage I can see in having 64 teams in a superconference vs 50, 70 or some other number. It isn’t like they’ll be playing a round robin or a 64 team knockout.

A relegation model like the English soccer leagues has a lot of plusses, and several really big minuses, especially for the teams that get relegated. FSU’s objection to the ACC’s current payout formula would be a huge issue in any ‘split the money evenly’ solution.

(And soccer fans howl like mad when their teams get relegated.)