Huskers finish 29th in Learfield Directors Cup Standings

Nebraska finished 29th in the Learfield Directors Cup standings this year, earning Trev Alberts a $160K bonus.

29th place for a bonus of $160K? This seems to be rewarding mediocrity or the equivalent of a participation trophy.

Greg Zimmerman, UNL '75
Overland Park, Kansas

I think you’re underestimating the impact of the Learfield Cup, finishing in the top 30 is a big deal, because it represents success across a wide spectrum of sports, not just one or two.

The last two ADs at Northwestern went on to bigger jobs, Murphy to the Packers and Phillips to the ACC.

But of course if Nebraska doesn’t produce a winning football team in the next few years, Alberts may be out of a job. His reputation is squarely on Matt Rhule’s shoulders at this point, and if Rhule doesn’t produce a winner, Alberts might not be around when the next Nebraska FB coach is hired. Not that many ADs get a chance to hire back-to-back losing football coaches and survive to hire a third, these days they might not even get a second chance. Moos didn’t.