Fitz and His Issues

Supposedly Northwestern is possibly going to change their punishment for Fitz. If the allegations are proven true then I would think Northwestern has only one choice and that is to send Fitz packing.

I don’t know how Fitz’s contract is drawn up but in many cases if the coach is fired before his contract is up there is a buyout. But, that buyout is waived if the coach is fired for cause. I don’t know

what is in this Fitz’s contract.

John Papenhagen

“Every great batter works on the theory that the pitcher is more afraid of him than he is of the pitcher.” ~ Ty Cobb

The story keeps getting more complex:

The line about Fitz ‘absolutely knew’ followed by one about saying he should have known, is a bit contradictory. And that’s just ONE of the contradictions in this article.

Do I think Fitz will survive this? I dunno, the long knives are being sharpened by every sports columnist with a blank page to fill or an axe to grind, often both.

What are the allegations. I know hazing, but what, how many times, how many involved, how long. Two sided coin?

How big a deal?

Fitzgerald involved or just the man at the top who should have taken some action

The Chicago Sun Times has an opinion piece as of yesterday that details some of the issues involved in the hazing. It wasn’t minor by any concept of the term ‘minor.’

At least one of the stories was written by someone with a long history of saying that college football should be shut down completely.

There’s also a rumor circulating that one of the NU players has a recording of the accuser in this situation saying his goal is to get Fitz fired and thrown in jail. The ESPN story I gave a link to earlier says the source has also said he is willing to exaggerate or change the facts to accomplish this.

Now, that doesn’t mean unacceptable things didn’t happen, and Fitz has made multiple public statements over the years against hazing activities, so he’s gonna take some lumps no matter what the ultimate result is.

At least some of the alleged activities took place during overnight off-campus activities like the now-terminated Camp Kenosha summer camp.

An ESPN reporter who has been on this story for months thinks Fitz will get suspended for multiple games but will not be fired.

Mike Nolan

Comes with two bad seasons in a row.

More piling on.


Former NU players describe racist environment in football program

](Former NU players describe racist environment in football program)

If you are willing to believe things like that happened at Northwestern, are you also willing to believe they’ve probably happened at other schools?

A source inside the Northwestern locker room says that transfers to NU say what happens there is mild compared to what happens elsewhere, including at some very well known football schools.

I recall reading a story in the Tribune a couple of years back where Fire Department probies were made to do things like eat canned pet food. (BTW, that’s not safe because they often contain bone meal which humans can’t digest.)

Again, that doesn’t make it right.

ESPN is reporting that Northwestern has fired Pat Fitzgerald.

I was about to post that. I am not sure if it is official but, as you say, it is being reported. I don’t see that Northwestern had much choice.

John Papenhagen

Fire for cause, thus no buyout. Sad given his loyalty.

Some interesting pieces from that article

According to the newspaper, the former player reported his claims to the school in late 2022, and he spoke to investigators during the six-month university-commissioned probe, which included more than 50 people currently or formerly affiliated with the program.

In an executive summary of the investigation released Friday, Northwestern said the hazing claims could be “largely supported” and that “there had been significant opportunities to discover and report” what had happened.

But investigators could not determine enough evidence to show the coaches were aware of the hazing

“The hazing was well-known by many in the program, though the investigator failed to find any credible evidence that Coach Fitzgerald himself knew about it,” Schill wrote in his open letter.

I would not be surprised if there is some kind of settlement on his contract, probably not a full buyout like what Frost got. But a fired coach can stir up a lot of legal trouble, and a settlement usually includes terms to forestall that.

But as a private university, I don’t expect Northwestern to say much that they aren’t required to say, which is very little.