DB Farmer indefinitely suspended

Nebraska opened fall camp today without Myles Farmer, who has been suspended indefinitely for a failure to adhere to team standards. Two other players are not practicing due to other issues.

It really seems like there is a large number of players that will be unavailable for various reasons. I know these are young people and when I was college age I made my share of mistakes but team standards shouldn’t be that hard to adhere to. It would seem the overwhelming number of players can keep within the standards. I don’t suppose the Husker list of unavailable players is any worse than most teams.

John Papenhagen

Somewhere around a dozen Georgia players have been cited for speeding over the summer, I don’t know if any of them have had disciplinary action taken by the school or the coach.

I can’t find any details on Tagaloa’s car accident other than a note saying it was a one-car accident with injuries serious enough that he is likely to miss the 2023 season.

Injuries are something every team faces all year long.

Reporting enough overweight that they sent a player home to lose weight is one you don’t hear about very often. You’d think it would be easier to lose weight in a more structured environment.