Colorado Board considering move back to Big Twelve

CU left the Big Twelve because they were afraid it would break up, leaving them without a natural conference to join.

Now, with the Pac-12 looking shaky, they’re thinking about moving back to the Big Twelve. Somewhat related to this was an article that claimed the move to the Pac-12 has cost CU a total of $70 million in exit fees and differences in conference payouts.

I would love to move back to the big 12
Steven K
Class of 1983

Not with the current lineup.

Greg Zimmerman m, UNL '75
Overland Park, Kansas

I agree, the current Big Twelve lineup, aside from having a handful of teams we have a long history with (Kansas, KSU, OSU), is mostly teams that are not likely to be as good as the average Big Ten team.

And then there’s the money issue: The Big Twelve, even if it added Nebraska and Colorado, is not going to generate the level of national interest (and thus media payouts) that the Big Ten is already producing.

In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the next round of media contract negotiations is going to struggle to raise the bar much higher without resorting to a significant number of games on subscription streaming services. MLB is already going this route; if you subscribe to MLB TV, you get all the games (or just the games for one out-of-market team) that aren’t blacked out because they’re on Fox or Peacock or Apple+. So you have to have four different packages, one way or another, to see every game.

So it comes down to a choice: Does Nebraska want to be (potentially) a bigger fish in a smaller pond, at a cost of possibly as much as $20 million a year in conference payouts, or does it want to be in a conference where if it regains prominence it will be back among the best in college football?

I know what I’d pick.

Not to mention the academic benefits being in the BiG10 give Nebraska. I think that alone would make the idea DOA on anyone’s desk.

I really enjoyed the Huskers time in the Big 12 and before that the Big 8. However, in my opinion, at this point it would make little sense to bolt the Big 10 and come back to the Big 12, even if the Big 12 wanted the Huskers back. The Huskers are not nearly the draw they were back in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

John Papenhagen

It looks like the Big Twelve is willing to welcome back Colorado after the end of the 2023-24 seasons. The CU Board is expected to vote on this today.

I get MLB TV for free as a T-Mobile customer. With my VPN I’m able to watch Royals games althoughI usually watch the Cubs.

Greg Zimmerman, UNL '75
Overland Park, Kansas

Heck, if the Huskers were still in the b12 today, I’d be shocked if they weren’t trying to jump to the B1G ASAP.

There was some speculation Tuesday on Twitter ( that Oregon might be the next school to leave the Pac 12. Their athletic board convened a meeting, and the press thought it was in response to the Colorado news. Apparently, the meeting was scheduled in advance to discuss coaches contracts. I still believe Oregon will be the next school to leave the conference, and I would not be surprised if they joined the Big Ten.

I have the Cubs out-of-market package again this year, of the games that I could not watch on MLB TV, I think it was two on Peacock and one on Apple+. The Royals games are part of our cable package, about the only time I’ve watched them in the past few years is when they were playing the Cubs and that was the least bothersome way to watch.

I’m not sure the Big Ten is actively seeking additional schools right now, though if a full breakup of the Pac-12 appears imminent, that could change quickly. The problem is Oregonians are going to want Oregon State to be part of a package with Oregon, and I suspect the Big Ten would prefer a package that included Washington not Oregon State.

I want to win again. I don’t want to suck forever
Steven K
Class of 1983

Dunno if anyone has reported this, but it’s official: CU is returning to the Big XII.

Dick Karre

The Tribune story says sources close familiar with ongoing discussions are reporting that Arizona, ASU and Utah will soon follow suit. That might be the death knell for the Pac-12.

ESPN has a story in which the Big Twelve is saying they’re just looking for one additional team at this time, to stay at 14 after OU/Texas leave and CU joins.

Arizona is considered a possible candidate, but their president is saying they plan to wait until the Pac-12 has their media deal completed.