Colorado and the Portal

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I seem to recall there was a lot of turnover when Frost arrived, and Hoiberg had maybe one or two holdover players on his first team, and I think one of those didn’t play much the previous season due to an injury. (But a basketball team is a lot smaller.)

Sanders may have set a new level for extreme roster turnover, but roster makeovers seem more common than they were before, or maybe we just all know about them more because the transfer portal numbers get (unofficially) reported so much.

I think the ESPN article cited upthread said there were a handful of players who are choosing to stay at CU but not play sports. That could happen at Nebraska as well.

Thanks for the info. I will read up on it.

I do remember under Frost and Hoiberg players were leaving but if I recall correctly that was the player’s decision and not the coach’s decision. Sanders is cleaning house all by himself if I understand correctly.

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I may make a small change to the discourse server at some point, one that would make it easier for me to open the list up to public read-only access but keep them separate (Northwestern and Husker lists.) There are two or three ways to do this, some more work (for me) than the others.

The mailman archives have always been open to the public, but I don’t think they’ve been used much.

Interesting story on the numbers of the roster turnover at Colorado and some overall numbers.

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Here’s a real problem for Primetime. I hope a little levity is appreciated.

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On his way to North Dakota State?

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Our HS football team mascot is a bison. But we could use Ralphie

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Could you afford to feed him? They eat about 24 pounds of plant material a day, mostly grass.