Breaking Point

Regarding the breaking point. If you took part in the survey you saw a significant number of options that they were exploring for the remodel of Memorial Stadium. Those options are all going to be quite expensive and as a result those folks who have been grandfathered in with the donation it took to obtain their seats at the start will most certainly be increased to market value.

I have a pair of seats in the west stadium on about the 35 yard line that I’ve had since 1993 (Jon Bostick who was working in the development office at the time got the seats for me). I am still paying the same donation now that I did in 1993 ($500 for the pair plus the cost of tickets). Market value for those same two seats now is $1,750 per seat, or $3,500 for the pair. It is a well known fact in my family that I will not pay that kind of money on the hope that we make significant improvement on the playing field.

I’ve offered to transfer these seats to my son who is 31 years old and can easily afford the donation plus price of tickets. His response was, "that would be nice but I’m not paying that kind of money watch what I’ve been watching while sitting in that stadium with you for the past 20 years. It’s not worth it.” This is not a good sign for Dear Old Nebraska U., when a 30 something who can afford this cost has no interest in keeping these tickets “in the family”.

So to answer the question about the breaking point, when I receive the letter informing me that they expect me to increase my donation to the current market level to keep those seats I will tell them, “it’s been fun, and thanks but no thanks they aren’t worth that much to me”.

Gary Fead

I suspect you’re far from the only family with that economic assessment of the value of your long-time season tickets, Gary.

If they start winning again, that will help, but I doubt it’ll fully counteract the kind of increases that are likely being planned. How long can the sellout streak survive? A few more seasons, maybe?

Mike Nolan

Yeah, I agree. I believe we are sitting on the cusp of seeing the house not packed and that could be no matter the success of the team. People are only going to pay just so much. I know I wouldn’t pay $1700 per ticket especially if I can watch the games on TV.