Big Red Wrapup

This week’s episode of Big Red Wrapup on Nebraska Public TV really stuck it to Satterfield’s play calling, and not just the goal line pass that got intercepted. They also noted that Sattefield was replaced as the playcaller by Rhule at Baylor at one point, but he hired him for Nebraska anyway.

They seemed to feel Nebraska might make a bowl game anyway, possibly by beating a struggling Wisconsin team this week.

I listened to Rhule in a press conference and he said that ‘goal line pass’ was called as a run.
Roger Lohr

The first down play was definitely a designed run. Purdy made a bad read and kept it the ball. He threw it away to avoid a big loss.

There were no receivers downfield, but he was able to legally throw it away because he was outside the pocket and got it beyond the line of scrimmage.

The 3rd down interception was definitely a designed pass. It looked like the receiver gave up on the route but the ball shouldn’t have been thrown.

I thought what they said yesterday was that there was confusing getting the first down play sent in.

The analysts thought Johnson up the middle 4 times would have resulted in a TD.