5 Texans in 10 recruits in 2024 class

Matt Rhule’s Texas pipeline is intact and working well, of the first 10 recruits in Nebraska’s 2024 class, 5 are from the Longhorn State.

Two more additions an OL from Iowa and an athlete from KC. The latest commits haven’t been highly rated 0,3 and 2 stars but they’ve been in front of the coaches in camps and received offers.

Making an offer to someone who wasn’t even in the recruiting database was an eye-opener.

But I have to assume what the coaches are seeing in the camps makes up for a lack of game film or recruiting ‘expertise’.

Mike Nolan

Completely agree. The coaches watching the players in camp against comparable competition is extremely valuable. I’m not critical of this decision. Just pointing it out.

Another recruit, this one a 3-star from NC who is a track speedster. The class is up to 13 now.

I like the lede on this story: Another day, another commit…

This brings the 2024 class up to 14.

Mike Nolan

More information on a recent commit:

Yet another member of the 2024 recruiting class.

Not sure how the ranking folks are gonna measure this class, but it sounds like Rhule knows who he wants in a Husker uniform.

BTW, ESPN has Stanford with a top-10 class in the works.